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Acute Pain Management

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Auto Accidents

Are you a victim of a car accident that left you with injuries? For many years, we have been helping victims of auto accidents. Our experienced doctors can help you if you have suffered from an auto accident injury. At US Pain and Rehabilitation Center, we have years of experience diagnosing and treating auto injuries, alleviating pain, and documenting your injury for insurance purposes.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often more severe than truck or car accidents. Nearly one in five motorcyclists sustain a neck or head injury from an accident. At US Pain and Rehabilitation Center, we are experienced in treating victims of serious injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident.

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Work Injuries

Persistent pain can result from workplace injuries. It can make it more difficult for patients and their families to recover and return to earning their living. US Pain and Rehabilitation Center takes an integrated and highly specialized approach to occupational healthcare issues to help patients get pain relief, return to work safely, and receive fair compensation.

Our Commitment to Care

Our Commitment to Care At US Pain and Rehabilitation Center, we are committed to help our patients get back to living their lives with less pain. We put a good patient-physician relationship as the sound foundation to assist patients in enjoying a long-term healthy and active lifestyle.

We provide services to patients suffering from accident and work-related injuries, including back, and neck pain or other joint injuries. We focus on the outcomes, and with that in mind our goal is to provide information to the patients and to put them in the driver’s seat to make individual and well-educated decisions. We offer various services to plan out a successful return to the functional goals of life with no or minimal pain.

We perform a thorough examination and discuss potential causes of pain along with the need for any imaging or other workup with the patient. We discuss various options of non-surgical treatments. The treatment focus is to involve the patient in decision-making by providing information about the role various injections, medication management, and physical management. Read more about conditions and services

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